AIR PEL oil mist collector efficiently removes oil mist for a safer workshop environment.
Conform to worldwide occupational health and safety standards

Airpel use SMC flow  monitoring system uses colored change warning lights to advise machine operators when an oil mist collector needs filter cleaning and , or if any of the filters are damage .  Airpel  suggest that its units should be serviced every 2000 hours they are in use.

SMC FLOW  Monitor can be retro-fitted to the complete Airpel range and is sold as an optional accessory on all oil mist collectors.

Monitor provides an accurate, immediate and easy to read indication of whether your oil mist collection system is working efficiently or needs servicing.

When should you use air monitoring?

  • Where there is a serious risk to health from inhalation of the substance.
  • To check that exposure limits are not exceeded.
  • To check that your exposure controls work well enough, or if you need better.
  • To check that new controls work well enough.
  • After process or production changes that mean exposure may have changed.
  • To show any need for health surveillance.
  • As defence against an insurance claim.