Eliminates oil mist from workshop air 


Manufactured in India to the highest standards, AIR PEL filters the air in stage wise without heavy cost filter replacement and maintenance, also eliminates oil mist from workshop air . From last 15 years AIR PEL is offering proven reliability for manufacturers, protecting machine operators from harmful airborne oil mist and metal particles. Thus providing a pleasant working environment

Oil mist is created by machine tools spraying high pressure oils and coolants onto metal components to keep them cool during manufacturing operations including milling, drilling, turning and grinding.

If oil mist is left in the environment it can cause breathing related illnesses including asthma, lung disease and cancer. As well as being a hazard to human health, oil mist can be a slip hazard and major fire risk if not properly removed from the working environment. It can also damage electrical equipment resulting in unnecessary production downtime.

AIR PEL oil mist collectors efficiently removes oil mist for a safer workshop environment

How it works?
Centrifugal force draws oil mist through the filter and clean air is returned to the workshop.
Oil Mist Filters
AIR PEL oil mist filters are available in five sizes to suit small, medium and larger machines.C-7, C- 15, C- 21, C- 29 and C- 35
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